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From age 5 to adult, we offer private one-on-one instruction, beginners to advanced, in the following instruments:
PIANO                VIOLIN                    FIDDLE                     FLUTE                     SAXOPHONE
GUITAR              BASS GUITAR           UKULELE                   MANDOLIN              CLARINET
VOICE                DRUMS                    PERCUSSION             ACCORDION            THEORY
GROUP LESSONS (ages 0-6)

Group Classes are offered to our younger students, ages 0 - 6. We believe that the earlier music is introduced,
the more potential a child has for learning. These programs were designed personally by Keri Kao in order to
instill a love and appreciation for music which hopefully will continue for many years to come.  Keri has been a music
educator for over 20 years and has personally designed, developed and taught these programs. Keri and Andy have 4
children who are all actively involved in music.
Musically Inclined Babies and Toddlers are programs which are currently entering their 6th year. These
programs have proven over time to be quite popular and quite effective. There are a large number of students who have
begun in the baby/toddler classes and have moved up to more advanced classes and even into private lessons.
Our youngest student to date was 7 weeks old when he started!
Musically Inclined Junior Programs (Music, Piano, Voice) are currently entering their 11th year and have also proven
over time to be very successful. Many students have started in these programs and have since moved into private
lessons and have become quite accomplished young musicians.

(newborn to pre-walking)  Babies sit with Mom or Dad and are exposed to music in various ways, including listening, singing,
movement, rhythm and visual activities to stimulate the eyes, ears and mind. 
They also use rhythm instruments such as tambourines, drums, maracas and xylophones.
(walking to age 3)  Children are exposed to music through developing various aspects of their musical learning such as singing, rhythm,
movement, memory and co-ordination.  They also use rhythm instruments such as tambourines, drums, and maracas.  This is an interactive class
for parent and child. Children are often at different levels of development at this age and simply do what they are able.
(ages 3-4 & ages 5-6)  Musical basics, such as singing and rhythm made fun with movement and instruments.  The children will have the opportunity
to play on a real piano and will be exposed to a wide variety of musical instruments.  This class is the next level above the toddler class and
the children come in on their own.  This class if fun musically and socially.  This group participates in our 2 annual recitals.
(ages 4-6)  Learn to read music and play the piano in a small group setting.  Students receive the same instruction they would in private
lessons but also benefit from the social interaction with other children. These students also participate in our 2 annual recitals.
(ages 4-6)  Learn vocal warm-ups, exercises and songs that are age appropriate (Disney, broadway, folk) in a small group setting.
As in the piano group, children receive the same instruction they would in private lessons but also benefit from the social interaction with
other children. This group also participates in our 2 annual recitals.
GROUP CLASSES and ENSEMBLES (ages 5-adult) 
(ages 6-12)  This group has been together for several years and continues to be a thriving and growing group.  We welcome new members and
voice lessons are not a requirement.  This group performs every year at the Kiwanis Music Festival, our 2 annual recitals and are often requested
to sing at community events. 
(ages 7-9, ages 10-12)  Learn singing, dancing and acting in a fun group setting. This group will participate in the Kiwanis Music Festival and will perform a musical at the end of the school year.2
TEEN CHAMBER CHOIR (Musica della Mare)
(ages 13-19)  Started in the Fall of 2011, this group is open to students currently taking private voice lessons and
members will be accepted by audition only. This group will work on advanced vocal repertoire and harmonies, and will perform in the Kiwanis Music Festival as well as our recitals.
LADIES CHOIR (Avalon Voices)
(ages 18 and up)  Come be a part of this singing ensemble.  Learn fun yet challenging music, up to and including 4 part
harmony.  Anyone is welcome to join and no previous experience is necessary.  This coming year, this group will perform in the Kiwanis Music
Festival, our 2 annual recitals, and other community events. 
(ages 9 and up)  Learn advanced repertoire in a group setting with students of similar ages and abilities.  An opportunity to experience playing with other people.  Acoustic, electric and
bass guitar offered.  Previous playing experience required.