610 Conception Bay Highway, CBS


We currently carry the following instruments:

Acoustic Guitars (Beaver Creek, Jay Jr, Jay Turser, Jasmine by Takamine, Starcaster by Fender)

Electric Guitars (Typhoon, Cruiser, Beaver Creek, Jay Jr, Jay Turser, Starcaster by Fender)

Violins (Menzel)



Bass Guitar (Typhoon, Jay Turser)


Our selection of strings includes such top brands as Elixir, Fender, D'Addario, DR, GHS, GHS Boomers, Martin, Darco, Dunlop and Misfits.

We have a wide variety of music books, guitar accesories, stands, tuners, metronomes, drumstricks, gifts,violin accesories, novelties and lots more!

If you're looking for that particular item we don't have in stock, we can also special order it for you at no extra charge!